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Buy A Home.

Get Cashback.

Some REALTORS® pay 25% of the commission they earn to their brokerage on every deal. We'd rather give you that commission when we act as your buyer represention in the purchase of your next home or condo.

Is This Legal?

You wouldn't be the first to ask if a real estate brokerage offering cashback to a client is legal. Many REALTORS® mistakenly believe that offering cashback is illegal.

It isn't.

Offering a client a commission discount, or paying a rebate on commission earned is completely legal, provided the payee is a party to the real estate transaction. When we help you purchase real estate, we are legally permitted to offer you a portion of the commission we earn in the form of a rebate on closing. It's something we've been doing for over a decade.

Why Do You Do It?

Two reasons. Because we can, and because it's equitable.

As an independent real estate brokerage, we set our own policies. And one of our mandates is to reward our buying clients by offering cashback on close.

Consider this: Sales representatives and brokers from large franchise systems pay a portion of the commission they earn with their employing brokerage. Because we operate under a different model that doesn't have to pay the 'house', the money we would have otherwise paid a brokerage is redirected to you.

Does The Rebate Affect The Services You Offer?

The rebate has no bearing on the services we offer to buyers. We are a full service real estate brokerage, and you can expect world-class buyer representation. From the start of your search, to offering on your dream home, to expert negotiations, to closing. We never cut corners on account of the rebate.

Anything Else I Should Know?

If we get paid a commission, you will earn 25% of it when you hire us to represent you in the purchase of your next home. There are no limits or caps on the rebate paid to you after closing. Rebates apply to resale homes and condominiums, multi-unit properties, even new homes qualify. If we get paid a commission, we'll write you a cheque. You will get that in writing.


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