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House-hunting trips can be stressful for Canadian Armed Forces personel, members of the RCMP, OPP, and government employees. Decisions have to be made under strict timelines. Our goal is to minimize the anxiety associated with your relocation. This starts by extensive planning prior to your arrival, and making you our sole focus until we find a home.  

Recieve a cheque for 25% of our commission when we help you relocate to Ottawa. Learn More. 

Our Relocation Process.

Exploratory Phone Call

Tell us about your move, where you will be working, your budget, and timelines. 

We Start Our Research

We give you access to a portal that organizes listings that match your needs and requirements. 

48 Hours Before Arrival

We book showings of listings and provide you with an itinerary of showings, broken down to the minute.

During HHT

We view homes, line up second showings, book viewings of any new listings, and line up inspectors.

Making The Offer

We negotiate hard for our clients while giving you hard data to make an informed decision. 

Inspections and Paperwork

We confirm inspections and renegotiate when needed. We take care of all the paperwork to ensure a smooth closing. 

Final Walkthrough

We schedule a pre-closing walkthrough and can conduct the walkthrough virtually if you are unable to be present. 

We Welcome You to Ottawa

We love Ottawa. And we know you will too. Welcome to your new home and write you a cheque.

Book A Consultation.

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