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Financing Pre-Approval.

Before we get going on your home purchase adventure, it's important to know what you can afford. This is where your bank, financial institution or mortgage broker plays a critical role. By obtaining pre-approval, you'll have a very good understanding of what you can afford, which will impact where you'll look. You will also learn about the fees associated with a home purchase, from land transfer tax, lawyer fees, and whether you qualify for any government rebates. 

We recommend Tibor Schultz for home financing.

Initial Consultation.

You tell us what you are looking for, your budget, preferred location, and timelines. We then set out to find a perfect home. We look for homes in traditional sources, like the MLS®, and keep an ear to the ground to find off-market homes that may fit the bill. We also subscribe you to an MLS® automated email list that queries for homes matching your criteria, and sends them to you in realtime, the moment they are listed, and well before they appear on REALTOR.ca. We will send you off-market listings when they are available.

Viewing Homes.

It's time to shop for your new home. We will take you to see homes that are of interest. But be warned, we are brutally honest. We will quickly highlight the redeeming qualities of a home, and just as quickly point out its flaws. We recognize that the purchase of a home will likely be the largest financial transaction in your lifetime. So its important that we consider the investment potential and long-term appreciation of your purchase, and factor in things that can improve or hinder resale value down the road.

Found A Home? Time to Offer.

This is the most exciting (and stressful) part of the process. It is also where your choice of REALTOR® pays for itself. Knowing what to offer is part art, part science, and where experience matters. Under asking, over asking, conditional, unconditional, multiple offer situations, comparable properties - all considered when we develop an offer strategy to ensure that you do not overpay, while protecting your interests. 

Inspections And Other Conditions.

Every offer is different. Condominiums, rural properties on well & septic, multi-unit properties, all may contain different conditions specific to the property type. Whatever the conditions, we are given a specifc timeline to fulfill the terms of our conditional offer. This timeframe is also used to firm up the details of your financing. We deal with issues that may arise after inspections during this period, and renegotiate the terms of the sale if needed. If we are satisfied with the deal, we firm up the sale - time to break out the bubbly! 

Closing Management.

We handle all the details to ensure a smooth closing. We send all paperwork, including the agreement of purchase and sale, amendments, waivers, and notices to your lawyer and lender in advance of closing.

We Write You A Cheque.

Typically within 10 days of closing, we will pay you 25% of the commission we earn from the listing brokerage. Use that money however you'd like - put it towards a trip, pay off debt, make a donation to a local charity. 

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